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Travolta's foundation gives cash to Scientology

Published: 10:13PM Tuesday July 12, 2011

A foundation set up by John Travolta donated 10% of its revenue to Scientology last year.

The Jett Travolta Foundation was created when the actor's 16-year-old son Jett died after hitting his head during a seizure while in the Bahamas, and the non-profit organisation has given away approximately $US56,000 since it was set up, according to website Showbiz411.

Tax filings for the year 2010-11 show a total of 14 donations were made totalling $US27,850; $US2500 went to a Scientology detox charity in Ocala, Florida, while others to benefit included the Starlight Children's Foundation and the No Limits Limbs Loss Foundation, which both received $US5000 each.

A further $US2500 was given to the Marion County Sheriff's Foundation.

Those not benefiting from the cash include any charities supporting autism, despite it being confirmed by Travolta his son suffered with the disease - which is not officially recognised by Scientology - in a Bahamian courtroom hearing.

Travolta, 57, and his wife Kelly Preston previously claimed the youngster had Kawasaki disease, a rare condition which causes inflammation of blood vessels, but no money went to any charities supporting that affliction.

Other donations included $US250 to the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Foundation - an affliction causing loose joints and hyperelastic skin - and $US2500 to the Central Florida Community College for a scholarship in Jett's memory.