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Top security as Cameron Diaz shoots sex scene in public

Published: 10:35PM Friday September 14, 2012 Source: BANG Showbiz

Cameron Diaz made sure her love scenes for a new movie were well-concealed from the eyes of the public as it was taking place.

The actress shot a sex scene with actor Javier Bardem for The Counselor on the bonnet of a yellow Ferrari at Stoke Park golf course, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

And an ex-SAS squad and dog unit were apparently carefully positioned around the course and in the trees to ensure passers-by or fans could not see what was going on.

Modesty screens were also put up around the set for the midnight shoot which took place earlier this week.

"It was like a military operation," a source told The Sun newspaper.

"Producers had thought of everything to stop any intruders possibly getting a glimpse."

Cameron also beds a cheetah in her new film.

She plays a character who keeps one of the big cats as a pet and had to tame the beast she was to act alongside.

"When Cameron first started working with the cheetah it was strutting about like it owned the place," an insider said.

"But now she's wearing the trousers.

"It has taken a shine to her, which is good because they've had to shoot a number of scenes together, including a set-up where they shared a bed."