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Tamati's DWTS win benefits gay youth charity

Tamati Coffey

Published: 9:01PM Saturday May 09, 2009 Source: ONE News

The profile of an organisation that supports gay youth has had a dramatic lift after its role in Dancing with the Stars.
TVNZ's Breakfast presenter, Tamati Coffey, chose Rainbow Youth as the charity he'd support when taking part in the show.

And after he and his dancing partner won the competition, hits on the organisation's website jumped 300%, with the phones just ringing off the hook.

Most people it seems have rung up the organisation to ask about what it does basically.

Rainbow Youth is a charity that helps young people deal with sexuality and gender identity issues.

Tamati says it's a big thing when you come out, 'often you don't know where to turn to'.

"I know that there's plenty of gay kids out there who don't know what they're thinking, don't know if it's right, don't know if it's wrong, maybe can't turn to the family for answers and stuff like that, but to be able to see somebody out there that's doing their own thing, having a good time. I feel good, I feel honoured that there's kids out there that are looking up to me."

Tamati says getting his message out there was worth it. Making the most of the publicity is now up to Rainbow Youth.