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Style Blog: Who nailed it at the MTV Movie Awards

By Briar Neville

Published: 10:10PM Tuesday June 05, 2012 Source: ONE News

I was looking back at the shots from this years Costume Institute Gala held at the Met, and I got to thinking what a dream it would be to attend something where the standards to impress are so high. Theres no doubt in my mind I would go to any extreme to make sure my overall look was completely polished, leaving no room for criticism. With that in mind I then started to wonder how some people get it so wrong.

Have you ever watched the freak show that is Fashion Police? Well& Im about to go all Kelly Osborne and transform into an annoying opinionated fashion critic. Hot off the press is the MTV Movie Awards, a perfect platform for me to express who nailed it and who failed it. Granted, its not as upmarket as most red carpet affairs, but you should however still make an effort.

Always a constant disappointment was Kristen Stewart with her scraggly hair and her scraggly attitude. She ditched the high heels after her arrival and opted for a broken down old pair of Chucks for the stage. To me thats just typical of her whole, Im so anti-Hollywood and alternatively mopey vibe she contrives. Not a big fan of that one. 

On a parallel with Kristen was of course Paris Hilton& enough said.  Emma Watson as always pulled off the perfect blah. Ciara looked like she was attended some kind of porn industry awards ceremony, and Amber Rose, who are you Amber Rose? Some chick with shocking dress sense and a shaved head that dates rappers? Can you believe Wiz Khalifa put a ring on it? It wont last! Now, Im a big fan of Christina Ricci, but not a big fan of an ill-fitting rubbish bin liner with an assortment of beads and watches vomited onto it&..

My cute as a button vote goes to Emma Stone who wore the perfect outfit for the MTVs. Something a little fun but still classy. Charlize Theron looked simple yet stunning with her bold red Lanvin dress. Elizabeth Banks from The Hunger Games wore an Elie Sabb jumpsuit. I actually cant stand jumpsuits but this one has broken the mould for me. Yes, its a little on the sci-fi side, but it was beautifully fitted and I like that she stepped outside the norm. I also think she had the best hair and makeup of the day.

Ive got to be honest, a lot of faces and names I did not recognise, so Ive been left feeling a little upset that I am clearing slipping out of the MTV age bracket. My overall opinion from a stylists point of view was that the awards were really quite lack lustre. But Id like to finish on a high note. And that high note is Joe Manganiello from Tru Blood topless in a firemans outfit. Wow wow weezy!

Briar B-side Neville.