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Show conceals Anna Paquin's baby bump

Published: 1:03PM Saturday June 02, 2012 Source: BANG Showbiz

Anna Paquin's expanding baby bump is causing problems for True Blood writers who are trying to conceal her pregnancy.

Show creator Alan Ball explained in the last few episodes her character Sookie Stackhouse is "holding a big purse in front of her at all times".

"I actually heard from the costume designer about midway through the season, she went, 'Sookie can't wear a Merlotte's [restaurant] T-shirt anymore.' And I went, 'Well, it's a good thing Sookie isn't really at Merlotte's anymore, she's basically trying to save the world.'

"So, we'll put her in loose-fitting, save the world outfits."

Paquin confirmed that her pregnancy won't be reflected on screen.

She said: "At this point, [Sookie] doesn't have a boyfriend on the show."

Anna - whose character Sookie is a telepathic waitress - is enjoying her pregnancy and is not experiencing any ill-effects.

Her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer thinks Paquin's pregnancy adds "more crazy" to his life.

The 42-year-old actor - who has kids Billy, 12, and 10-year-old Lilac from previous relationships - and his 29-year-old wife are expecting a baby together and the 'True Blood' star can't wait to be a dad again.

He told Zap2it: "I love my kids so much. And I think that the fact that Anna is pregnant just adds more crazy to the bundle of fun."