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Robert Pattinson says super-stardom takes its toll

Published: 7:23AM Thursday November 08, 2012 Source: BANG Showbiz

Robert Pattinson admits fame can send people "crazy".

The Twilight Saga actor has become one of the most famous men in the world since starring in the vampire franchise but says his global super-stardom can take its toll.

When asked if he'd lost some of his sanity over the years, the 26-year-old hunk said: "Maybe I didn't even have any sanity to begin with! I feel like that has happened a little bit. I've seen a lot of people dealing with fame and they go crazy quickly and it's frightening."

Robert recently forgave his Twilight co-star and long-term girlfriend Kristen Stewart for cheating on him as she is the only person who can understand his life.

Kristen had an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Despite initially breaking off their relationship, Robert wanted to give it one more chance as they have a deep connection because they starred in the Twilight Saga franchise together.

A source said: "He started thinking nobody else would understand his life. His rational voice told him not to toss a three-year relationship for one infidelity.

"Rob weighed his options. He wouldn't even know where to start if he and Kristen were to break up for good. They have a very deep connection. Plus, they're young. All relationships at that age have drama."