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Rachel Hunter 'getting too old to be the pretty girl'

Published: 9:28AM Friday November 23, 2012 Source: ONE News

Despite feeling like she's getting "too old to be the pretty girl at the table", Rachel Hunter says her stint as a host on the first season of New Zealand's Got Talent has allowed her to reach out to a new generation.

The Kiwi supermodel and New Zealand's Got Talent judge told TV ONE's Breakfast show this morning that she has loved connecting with young New Zealanders.

"Being on New Zealand's Got Talent, now I'm reaching a new generation," she said.

"The mums knew who I was but the young generation had no idea. And now you see this whole new generation who are aware again. The same thing happened when I did the Stacy's Mom video in the States."

Hunter appeared in the video for hit song Stacy's Mom by American band Fountains of Wayne in 2003.

"It's just been so great to be home and to relax and have a normal life down here," Hunter said.

"When I went through a bunch of stuff about three years ago, I really decided that I wanted to come back home and restart where I started.

"I hadn't worked here since I was 16 or 17 so to be able to come back and actually have a life back here for three or four months a year has just been great."

When asked if she'll be returning for another season of NZGT in 2013, Hunter kept mum.

"I don't know. I can't say. I hope I get to come back, I want to. And I'd love to spend about six months of the year here."

She also couldn't say who her favourite act on the talent competition has been, but is excited to find out who New Zealand votes for after the final on Sunday night.

"I think the group we've got on Sunday is magnificent and I think it's going to be very hard for New Zealand to choose!"

Hunter appeared on Breakfast to speak about her work for Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust, a charity dedicated to preserving New Zealand's flora and fauna.

"I'm getting too old to be the pretty girl at the table," she told Breakfast . "I want to start doing conservation work."

Part of Hunter's work with the charity has involved removing kiwi eggs from their nests so they can be hatched in a lab.

"You feel cruel taking the eggs," she said. "But ultimately that egg only has a 5% chance of making it.

"These birds are gorgeous! And they're our icon."