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Michelle Obama's Oscar dress 'redesigned' for Iran's media

Published: 12:24PM Tuesday February 26, 2013 Source: ONE News

Michelle Obama may have been wearing a dress with a plunging neckline when she presented the Best Picture Oscar via video link - but Iran's masses will never know it.

Iran's semi-official Fars news agency Photoshopped pictures of the US first lady to conform to Iranian restrictions on images of the female body in the media, according to reports in British and US media.

Britain's The Guardian reported that Fars, which is affiliated to the Islamic republic's elite Revolutionary Guards, "redesigned" the US first lady's dress so that it covered her chest and shoulders in a picture showing her announcing that Argo had won best picture via a video link from the White House.

Rules dictate that Iranian women shown on Iran's state television should have a hijab that covers their hair, arms and legs, The Guardian said in the report on its website.

A foreign woman travelling inside the Islamic republic is expected to comply with the same restriction on Iranian women, but those shown on TV, such as dignitaries or actors, are tolerated without the hijab, up to a point, it said.

Men enjoy relatively more freedom, but only sportsmen are allowed to be shown with bare legs on TV.

Fars was also infuriated by the Academy's decision to honour Argo, which it described as an "anti-Iranian" film produced by the "Zionist" company Warner Bros.

The objection was echoed by many other state agencies.