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Laneway builds to a perfect crescendo


By Chris Matthews

Published: 5:32AM Tuesday January 29, 2013 Source: ONE News

The kids having been hanging out for a festival and Laneway has delivered.

As we watch, and hear, our mates across the Tasman celebrate Australia Day with unbridled enthusiasm, Auckland is quickly developing something to be proud of on its birthday too.

In its fourth edition, Laneway has found the perfect location. Wynyard Quarter, with the harbour the star attraction, oozes a wow factor that would make anyone lift their game.

Indie by trade, this is not your standard FM radio station. Instead it's something which unleashes new tunes for click crews. In fact there would not be a single soul, of the 6,000 plus who attended, who could reliably list six of the acts and three of their best songs.

But that is not what this is about. This is not the Big Day Out. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers don't belong here. Neither does Beyonce. Laneway mutually benefits upcoming artists and an audience who are increasingly deciding who they want to listen to.

"I have never heard of that band but I saw them play and they are incredible," is the most common feedback that promoter Mark Kneebone gets and that is no surprise.

Japandroids, Jessie Ware, Alt-J, Flume and Tame Impala are all star acts in their own right and this is a platform for them to unleash their talent to a new and receptive audience.

The heat, on a picture perfect Auckland day, was a battle for most and the acts who played before 6pm suffered.

But as the sweat evaporated, the ones who had indulged not too much - or just enough - were treated to some truly memorable acts.

Top of the list was Miss Ware. Playing on the north side stage, she delivered a performance which made the boys fall in love with her and the girls nod in appreciation.

From the UK, the girl has soul and her dub step inspired 110% showcases her ability to use her killer vocals over a dance track.

Trumping her, if that was possible, was the last act on the main stage. Tame Impala, befitting of their billing, they rocked the shop with their unique blend of psychedelic rock.

From Perth, their music would be right at home in the 70s and if the crowd thought they were going to go home underwhelmed - this would change everything.

Like the perfect crescendo, the little known Aussies created a frenzy of anticipation with their final number Half Full Glass of Wine.

They teased and they captivated with a wild riff that repeated over and over and over again... ensuring they would be underground in Auckland no longer.