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Kiwi gay equality campaign aims for Lady Gaga

Published: 9:18AM Friday June 08, 2012 Source: ONE News

A Kiwi campaign for gay equality is attempting to get visiting superstar Lady Gaga involved in its cause.
The WTF Campaign, which was launched last month by Rainbow Youth, has enlisted the help of New Zealand celebrities such as Alison Mau, Danielle Cormack and Colin Mathura-Jeffree to promote the end of discrimination against LGBT communities.

Organisers of the campaign, whose acronym doubles for Where's The Funds?, are now hoping to gain the attention of Lady Gaga to boost their profile and fundraising efforts.

One of the volunteers for WTF drew a comic depicting a person pleading with the universe to deliver some tickets to a Gaga concert.

When the tickets appear, courtesy of a friend, the comic's protagonist then takes to pleading the universe to get Lady Gaga involved in the WTF campaign.

The Facebook page for the campaign is asking its 700+ followers to send Lady Gaga a tweet to encourage her to join the cause.

The openly bi-sexual pop megastar is well known for advocating LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) rights, and attributes much of her early success to her gay fans.

She is currently in the country for three shows, the first of which was last night at Auckland's Vector Arena.

Reviews from the show describe Gaga emerging from a giant inflatable pelvis, along with her 12 dancers.

Also included in the show was a five-story gothic castle, a motorbike which transformed into a keyboard, a mechanical horse and a couch made of muscle and tendons.