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Ke$ha fears One Direction fans' anger

Published: 5:26PM Thursday May 16, 2013 Source: ONE News

Ke$ha is concerned One Direction fans want to beat her up after she was rumoured to be dating Harry Styles.

The Die Young hitmaker is worried the group's supporters, known as 'Directioners', will give her abuse on the street after she recently revealed she has been texting the 19-year-old hunk and admitted to having a crush on him.

"I hope they don't want to beat me up, I'm just a fan too," she told LOOK magazine.

Despite the speculation, the 26-year-old singer insists the pair are just good friends and their messages don't have any sexual connotations.

"He and I are just friends. Actually we started texting a long time ago and we're just friendly, it's not sexy," she explained.

As well as her crush on Harry, Ke$ha thinks Beyonce has a "perfect" look.

"I think she might actually be perfect. I show my flaws - they're real," she added:

"I don't have a perfect body. It's important for girls to see that you don't have to be perfect."