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Joanna Hunkin: Golden Globes highs and lows

opinion Joanna Hunkin

By Joanna Hunkin ONE News Entertainment Reporter

Published: 12:14PM Tuesday January 17, 2012 Source: ONE News


Hands down, no question, Charlize Theron. She was glorious in a pale blush Dior gown. The haute couture number was daring yet sophisticated and beautifully constructed. 

A diamond head band was the perfect finishing touch - and the night's only successful use of the accessory. (Michelle Williams' harsh black headband was much too stark and casual for the red carpet).

Honourable mention must also go to Claire Danes for her dramatic monochrome number.

View the Golden Globes photogallery here.


To be honest, there were no outright disasters but several people didn't quite hit the mark. Lea Michele's black mesh and silver sequins number looked like she'd raided Tonya Harding's wardrobe.

Natalie Portman looked like she'd stolen the curtains from an upmarket bordello and draped them around her, while The Help star Jessica Chastain committed the perennial Hollywood sin of squeezing herself into a dress that was clearly a size too small.

Even if it had fit, it would still have been a fairly hum drum effort. Jessica Biel appeared to be wearing her grandmother's wedding dress (although noticeably absent was any sign of engagement ring despite recent claims she is soon to become Mrs Timberlake).


We all know Angelina Jolie likes to take herself pretty seriously but last night she took her role as Hollywood royalty to new heights, magnanimously nodding at fans and fellow celebrities alike.

As she deigned to stop and speak to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, her face adopted the distinct sneer of someone who's just smelt fresh dog turd.

In fact, the only time we saw her smile was when she adopted her gracious loser face as she missed out on Best Foreign Film to the Iranian film, A Separation. Proving Ange is clearly a better actress than director.

Nicole Kidman was also particularly automated - in large part due to her strangely fitting dress which made her look like a life size Barbie doll.


Thank god for the French. Had it not been for The Artist's Jean DuJardin and composer Ludovic Bource, the night's speeches would have been a total wash. (Plus they brought a dog to the ceremony, complete with mini bow tie. Adorable.)

Sure, George Clooney was vaguely charming with his "gosh Michael Fassbender's got a giant diddle" joke but it was hardly cutting wit.

Points also to Kate Winslet who avoided a repeat of her cringe-inducing Emmy's acceptance speech, where she seemed to forget about that little gold man called Oscar sitting at home and claimed "I never win anything".


After all the fuss of what will he say? and who will he offend? host Ricky Gervais was only firing on half cylinders last night. View video here.

Sure, he took a cheap shot at Jodie Foster's Beaver (and frankly, if you're going to make a film about something as absurd as a beaver puppet then you've got it coming&) but it was hardly a scandal.

The actress herself gave him the thumbs up as she laughed along happily.

Then there was that guff with Johnny Depp about The Tourist, which might have been amusing had the pair not previously worked together spoofing the exact same incident.

It's a bit pointless setting up a joke reliant on dramatic tension when the whole audience knows there is no tension between you whatsoever. Oh, and he made fun of Kim Kardashian. Fish. Barrel. Enough said.

All in all, it was a pretty lacklustre effort from the usually acid-tongued Brit. Now the question is not whether they'll invite him back again but whether anyone cares if they do?

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  • G Sacramento said on 2012-01-17 @ 14:47 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Golden globes as lack lustre and pointless as the review. Gervais is mates with Depp and its called an "in joke" and is actually funny. I guess also American slang was used and does not translate to Kiwi exactly (ref Jodie Fisher a well known lesbian).