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Jessica Beresford: Under Jennifer Lawrence's spell


By Jessica Beresford

Published: 1:57PM Wednesday March 06, 2013 Source: ONE News

Only two weeks ago, most wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between Jennifer Lawrence and any other average budding Hollywood actress.

But with the help of a tumble in front of millions, an attempted chat-up from a veteran actor and an incredibly honest press conference (not to mention a certain prestigious golden statue), the 22-year-old has gone from "Jennifer who?" to the most talked about person in Hollywood.

She's already been pitched against Academy Award darling Meryl Streep, but the actress's critical acclaim isn't the reason for her popularity - the doting of millions is because of her refreshingly honest approach to publicity in an industry that's constantly fooling everyone, and not only on the job.

Compare her to Anne Hathaway for example, who also won an award for her acting efforts last week. Where Hathaway gushed in an over-rehearsed acceptance speech (to appear more "likeable", she says), Lawrence stumbled her way through a messy yet heartfelt utterance that was as real as it gets. Who do you think earned the most brownie points?

After the awards ceremony, Lawrence ran rings around reporters answering painfully ridiculous questions with a self-deprecating attitude that could have rivalled even the most experienced stand-up comedian.

But the best aspect to the girl from Kentucky is her down-to-earth approach to body image, which puts her leagues ahead of other actresses as a good role model - when shown pictures of her new Dior campaign  for the first time, she said she loved Photoshop admitting that people "don't look like that" in real life.

And even before all the Oscars hype, when she was criticised for being "too fat" to play heroic freedom fighter Katniss Everdeen, she brushed off suggestions she should lose weight. In an interview with Elle, Lawrence said she would never starve herself for an acting role because she didn't want young girls to think they needed to "skip dinner" to be like the character.

So, yes, I am behind the millions of others in favour of the goofy Lawrence (if you couldn't tell), and I hope she continues to stick to the principles that have made her the role model she is now.

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