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'I didn't think it was possible to get better' - Tenacious D

Published: 10:09AM Monday May 20, 2013 Source: ONE News

Tenacious D are back in New Zealand, bigger and better than ever - they claim.

The last time the comedy rock duo, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, were in the country they supported the Foo Fighters, but this time they are headlining a tour of their own. They also come with a Grammy award nomination under their belt.

"I didn't think it was possible to get better, and yet, here we are, better," Kyle told TV ONE's Breakfast this morning.

Speaking about their previous visits to New Zealand, including Jack Black's stint filming King Kong, the singer and actor said: "I had a great experience in Wellington with Peter (Jackson) and the gang. I'm looking forward to going back and playing there tomorrow, and hopefully seeing some of our old pals."

Kyle, however, admitted he was hoping to score a part in the upcoming Hobbit sequels.

"I on the other hand am angling for a small role in The Hobbit Part Deus. I think I might play an awfully good Orc," he joked.

The pair, famous for hits like Tribute and The Metal, met while part of a theatre group, The Actors Gang, and "gravitated towards each other because we were both musical minded performers, and we were also kind of lonely".

They shot to fame in 1999 and have continued to tour and perform since, with Jack also making it big in Hollywood.

But Jack dodged having to reveal whether he loves acting or music more, saying 'macting' was his first love.

"It's a combination of the two," he said. "Or 'cusic', that's comedy music.

"There's never been a separation for me, because when you take one out of the other there's something missing, for me."

Pushed further, he was asked whether he would choose music over film at this point in his career.

"No," he said. "I like acting, and I like music as well."

Kyle jumped to his defence jokingly asking: "Why are you trying to push some kind of Sophie's Choice on him?"

Jack said: "They're trying to put me in a box, categorise me, that's all right."

The pair also took on the famous Breakfast weather challenge, presenting the forecast for the day, adding a humorous twist to the pronunciation of Whakatane.

Tenacious D are playing Auckland's Town Hall tonight, Wellington Opera House tomorrow, and Bedford Marquee in Christchurch on Wednesday.