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Hello Sailor enters NZ hall of fame

Published: 1:51PM Tuesday September 13, 2011 Source: ONE News

Legends of the NZ music scene, Hello Sailor, will be inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at tonight's APRA Silver Scrolls.

It's been 36 years since the band's first official gig in Tokoroa, but Graham Brazier, Dave McCartney and Harry Lyon haven't stopped doing what they love most - making solid rock tunes for an appreciative audience.

Speaking to TV ONE's Breakfast, the aged rockers reflected on the heady days of rock and roll in the 1970s and 80s and what has kept the iconic Kiwi group going.

"Determination is what has really kept us together," said McCartney.

"We put the music first and we're more into the content than anything."

The band members are somewhat silent on the excesses of a rock and roll lifestyle and admit they won't be "bumping around in a van like a young band" these days.

That doesn't mean they have stopped playing classic songs, like Gutter Black and Blue Lady, that have made them famous.

"We just keep playing. We've just about finished a new album that's going to be released next year," McCartney said.

"We don't get bored of it because we don't do [music] all the time," adds Lyon.

"So we get together when we want to for recording. We sort of pick the gigs out."

According to McCartney, there's also something about the band that means they "tend to play the material different every night. There's a lot of organic give and take there."

"It keeps the energy alive," said McCartney.

As for their hard-earned recognition, the band is surprised and pleased to be honoured by the NZ music fraternity.

"It's really nice to be in the company we're keeping. I never imagined it would happen," said Lyon.

Brazier agreed, but said he couldn't compare himself with other national icons like Barry Crump.

"I'm not sure what to expect tonight, it's all a bit of a surprise, but yeah it's cool," he said.

Despite their rock and roll status, the band doesn't expect to be celebrating like they used to.

"We certainly won't be waking up in Singapore with a beard two weeks later," jokes McCartney.