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Fasitua Amosa - Comedy Festival review

By's Darren Bevan

Published: 12:45PM Thursday May 10, 2012

Fasitua Amosa - Info Crack Whore

We all know Fasi - you remember, the slightly inept stand up comic wannabe in Auckland Daze - if not, watch the first series of Auckland Daze on TVNZ Ondemand for a refresher.

But Fasitua, the actual stand up comedian is an entirely different and utterly amusing beast.

His show, Info Crack Whore is about his obsession with trivia; his desire to know everything about anything - but if you think this is a show where he shows off his trivial obsession, pontificating on the minutiae of everything, then you're wrong.

What Fasi does is use this as a basis for exploring some of the absurdities of life and the bizarreness of some situations in life.

For an opening night in Auckland, he takes about 10 minutes to really hit his stride - whether it's nerves or just trying to suss out the crowd, it's not exactly clear. As he swigs from a glass, his eyes are scanning the audience, picking his next verbal comic target and letting loose.

To be honest though, it doesn't matter - because right after that, he finds his groove, hits his mark and pulls you in with some great one-liners and smartly observed moments as he picks over a wide variety of topics - from Auckland coffee etiquette, the truth behind those drug driving ads/ texting and accidental racism.

The thing with Fasi is, behind those glinting eyes is a glowing intellect, a keen eye for the detail and a killer way with a punchline. Each of his observations has a bang on target final word and the hit rate for each gag is incredibly high. Sure, he dispenses little factoids throughout his act but they're intellectual, well researched stepping stones to the comedy rather than a device for showing off - and anything you end up looking up the next day clearly has got under your skin.

A sequence where he demonstrates the two major acting skills of Kiwis will mean you'll never look at a NZ show again in the same light - it's funny, spot on material which garners some of the biggest laughs of the night. I'll be interested to see if I can spot any of those techniques from future acting from Millen , Wanda and Glen from Auckland Daze (who were spotted in the crowd).

Fasi brings the funny and, thanks to a warmth of personality, a wealth of material as well as an easy going affable and personable charm, Info Crack Whore is a smart and engaging show which tickles the funny bone as well as the grey matter.