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Elemeno P not Christian enough for Parachute?

Published: 6:14PM Wednesday January 26, 2011 Source: ONE News

There is a debate brewing over the line-up for this weekend's Parachute, a Christian music festival.

Kiwi rockers Elemeno P are one of the headline acts for this weekend's event, but concert-goers are not happy.

Debate has been slowly building up on Facebook with some fans saying Elemeno P should not play at the festival if they are not Christian.

Some Facebook users said they have seen the band swearing on stage, and one person said the band's guitarist has a strap with a picture of a devil on it.

So online debate led fans to query the band's religious affiliations.

Lead singer Dave Gibson said he "loosely affiliates" himself with the Christian movement.

And he said some Christians may not be happy with how liberal he is.

But Elemeno P is known to be one of the "cleanest" performers compared to musicians around the world.

None of their lyrics have swear words, and in their music videos and during performances all band members are fully clothed.

"It's not up there with Marilyn Manson that's for sure," Gibson said.

"When Christians put Christian bands up on these pedestals I think some of those people find it hard to live up to expectations."

Parachute said they will stick with the plan for Elemeno P to take the stage this weekend.

Parachute runs from January 28-31 in Hamilton.