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Did Usher rip off OMG from Homer Simpson?

Published: 10:57AM Monday January 03, 2011 Source: ONE News

  • US R'n'B artist Usher performs (Source: ONE Sport)
    US R'n'B artist Usher performs - Source: ONE Sport

R&B singer Usher has been accused of releasing a song based on a tune sung by Homer Simpson.

Similarities between his hit track OMG and a comedy Christmas carol in The Simpsons were allegedly found by radio hosts in America, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Usher's single is alleged to be a rip-off of a tune sung by Homer in a 2003 episode of the long-running cartoon series.

Usher sings the words, "Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow. Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow".

Simpson is heard singing, "Christmas in December, wow wow wow. Give me tons of presents, now now now."

Radio hosts in Mississippi mixed the two songs together and videos comparing the two lyrics have also been posted online.

This is not the first time Usher has faced plagiariasm accusations.

Last month, an aspiring singer accused him and Alicia Keys of stealing 2004 track Caught Up.