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The Dictator greets 'New Zealand Devils'

Published: 10:59AM Monday May 14, 2012 Source: ONE News

Forget Ryan Seacrest, New Zealand is the latest target of The Dictator.

In a YouTube video published yesterday, Admiral General Aladeen, as characterised by Sacha Baron Cohen, greets the nation in his typical controversial form.

Sitting in a gold throne, flanked by two women in uniform holding guns, the Borat star addresses the nation in the invented language of Wadiya.

Subtitles are necessary to translate The Dictator's speech, with the actor opening with the odd greeting, "Hello New Zealand Devils".

No-one is free from Cohen's often divisive style of comedy, and he provocatively references former Prime Minister Helen Clark, saying, "I have often met with your former Prime Minister Helen Clark...we enjoyed a wonderful relationship based on mutual respect and trust... as only two strong male leaders can."

In the one minute video-clip, Cohen leaves no perception unturned, and said "Today I urge you to stop what you are doing, cease your binge drinking, and stop killing kiwis simply to make delicious fruit."

The Dictator also asks that, "Today you must do only one thing, make plans to see the opening of my new film... all profits will go to the Christchurch earthquake recovery fund, and will DEFINITELY NOT be used to build me a new palace in Wadiya."

Premiering in New Zealand on Wednesday, The Dictator, directed by Larry Charles, tells the story of a fictional despot hell-bent on ensuring democracy is never established in the land of Wadiya.

However, in a visit to the US, a UN operative intercepts the tyrant and shaves off his beard - rendering him unrecognisable - and unable to return to his country.

The Dictator is said to be loosely based on Saddam Hussein's Zabibah and the King - a novel written by the Iraqi dictator in 2000.

This is not the first of Cohen's creative publicity stunts. At the Academy Award in February, he irritated American Idol host Ryan Seacrest when he spilled an urn of what he called Kim Jong-II's ashes over the presenter's suit.