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Bret McKenzie felt like he was 'cheating' on Conchords

Published: 7:52PM Tuesday September 11, 2012 Source: ONE News

Oscar winner Bret McKenzie has admitted he felt like he was "cheating" on his Flight of the Conchords co-star during shooting of his new film, Two Little Boys.

The star opened up to ONE News ahead of the premier of his new feature in Invercargill tonight.

Despite freezing weather - which almost prevented co-star Hamish Blake from arriving at the premiere after he got stuck en route from Queenstown - thousands of fans flocked to see their comedy heroes as they walked the red carpet at the city's Civic Theatre earlier.

Two Little Boys is a story about mates, and the lengths they will go to in the name of friendship.

Flight of the Conchords' McKenzie stars alongside Australian comedian Blake as best friends Deano and Nige.

When Nige accidentally kills someone, the pair embark on a series of riotous misadventures, which put their long-term friendship under pressure.

The film is based on the 2008 novel of the same name by Duncan Sarkies.

But McKenzie admitted it was a little odd working without his fellow Conchord, Jemaine Clement.

"It was like having an affair with another comedy partner," he told ONE News.

"And Hamish and I encouraged Jemaine and Andy to get together and do some work, they've yet to do the film but fingers crossed."

Directed by Robert Sarkies, Two Little Boys is a very black comedy, and an all-round tribute to bad taste.

It was originally designated a R16 rating, but after film-makers contested the ruling it was dropped to R15.

ONE News reporter Joanna Hunkin was on the red carpet tonight.

She said the film is "very funny, but very gruesome".

McKenzie, who won an Oscar earlier this year for best original song, Man or Muppet, in The Muppets film, said his life has not changed since picking up the award.

"The most significant change to my life having won the Oscar is people ask me how my life's changed having won an Oscar," he said.

"Second to that, is people coming round to my house going, 'ooh, can I get a photo with the Oscar?'"

A Muppets sequel is officially on the cards, and McKenzie has confirmed he is on board as musical director.

Two Little Boys will be in cinemas on Thursday September 20.