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Bonnie Tyler does her bit for Kiwi kids' charity

Published: 1:35PM Thursday November 11, 2010 Source: ONE News

Singer Bonnie Tyler will perform as part of the children's charity Variety show tomorrow night.

She's appearing alongside a line-up of international and New Zealand performers, and will belt out her worldwide hits of the1970s and 1980s including 'It's a Heartache' and 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'.

Since 1976, when Tyler was first discovered in a club, she has sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

Tyler told Breakfast this morning that during her years in music she has seen the music industry morph.

"I've been around a long time, people think oh she's still going, I've never stopped, like Leo Sayer who's always on the road or whatever. I used to bump into him all the time in Europe," she said.

"Everything's changed and the music business has changed out of recognition. There's not a lot of money around for record companies any more," she said.

But Tyler, who is from Wales, said she never gets tired of repeatedly performing her classic songs.

"I always sing Total Eclipse of the Heart, I love singing it in my show," she said.

Her hits are known by young and old through remixes and the likes of modern devices like Singstar. Total Eclipse of the Heart has become a SingStar anthem and is one of the most down loaded songs for karaoke.

But Tyler said she is not concerned with numbers of records sold and fame, although she is currently making a new album, to be out next year.

"You don't have to be in the charts to be enjoying this life, as long as you're enjoying the actual shows. I've been on tour in Australia and I did a show in Wellington on my own the other night which went absolutely brilliantly...fabulous audience," she said.

Tyler is well known for her gravelly, raspy voice, which resulted from a surgery to remove severe nodules on her vocal chords.

"It wasn't as pronounced as it is now, I had nodules on my vocal chords and I had to have them scraped off. I think he took a little too much off, it gave me more of an edge on my voice, which wasn't really a bad thing because I then had my first hit in America, 'Lost in France'.

Tyler has been married for 37 years to Olympic judo competitor, Robert Sullivan, and also married into the world of showbiz. Catherine Zeta Jones is a cousin of Tyler's husband.

"We were invited to the wedding. It's awful that he's (Michael Douglas) ill now, let's hope he will recover," she said.

Tyler said she met Sullivan when she was 17 and a half years old.

"When you're younger you don't forget the half but you do when you're older...37 years!Thank god for botox I say."

Asked if she was a fan of botox she replied: "Oh yeah! Twice a year darling."

Tyler has been to New Zealand twice before this trip and has owned a dairy farm in Taupo for 25 years.

She said the Variety Show was a bonus to her trip downunder.

"They heard I was here and I was just asked if I would like to be a part of it and yeah of course I would like to be a part of it."

Other performers include Leo Sayer (You Make Me Feel Like Dancing), Jay Weston, John Paul Young (Love is in the Air), Shane Cortese, Tina Cross, Che Fu and Elizabeth Marvelly.

The New Zealand Variety Show is on November 12 at at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. Click here .