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Bieber hat thief returns prized possession

Published: 9:20PM Wednesday April 28, 2010 Source: ONE News

A teenager who swiped singing sensation Justin Bieber's hat from off his head at Auckland airport last night and held it ransom (for a hug) has returned the prized possession to him.

Emah Hira Matiu, 17, from Hamilton admitted stealing the Canadian teen singer's hat when he arrived in the country late last night.

Police say she could have faced charges if a complaint was made.

"I just reached my hand through a massive crowd of screaming teenage girls and big arse police guys and took it right off his head...then shoved it down my shirt trampled...and then I ran away," she says.

Losing his favourite cap was something of a shock for Bieber who complained about it on Twitter.

"Finally got to New Zealand last night," Bieber told his two million-plus followers on Twitter.
"The airport was crazy. Not happy that someone stole my hat and knocked down my mama. Come on people... I want to be able to sign and take pics and meet my fans but if you are all pushing security won't let me."

Matiu said she tweeted Bieber to tell him the fate of his hat and that it would be given back in return for a hug.

"I do know that I have technically stolen it," she said. "But he's a celebrity and this is what you get for being famous...kinda comes with the deal...we didn't mean to upset him, all we wanted was a hug."

However, after a night of sleeping with it, her conscience set in and she decided to return the hat, handing it over to Bieber's management.

"It's great that they did the right thing and turned it in," says Bieber.

So in the end, there was to be no hug or photo but the girls didn't give up that easy.

They left a note in the hat which read: Hey Justin - so sorry for stealing the hat - it just happened in the excitement - you can have it back - we kept good care of it - hope NZ is treating you well - love you lots Emah and Becky.

"We've left our phone number our email and our Twitter address ( in the note). He might call us&there's a little sparkle of hope," says Emah.

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  • iamanonymous said on 2010-04-30 @ 14:56 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Hes not 12, hes 16 so theres no pedophilia going on. Although i agree that the aggresiveness of some girls were inappropiate, and he probably doesnt WANT to come back to NZ now anyway.

  • mavarick said on 2010-04-30 @ 14:13 NZDT: Report abusive post

    He is a You Tube baby with no real talent. Like another reader aluded to, the media stunts are pathetic and the media should also take some responsibility.

  • Nostranormus said on 2010-04-30 @ 13:08 NZDT: Report abusive post

    What a waste of air time!!.. Annoys that people get carried away with something/ someone of 'who gives a sh@# talent'. More important things in the world. Just because he's somehow portrayed as the next big thing...theres' al this attention...pop drivel at best.

  • stephenfalepau said on 2010-04-29 @ 14:07 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I was watchin news! And my parents dont like Bieber but agree that he would say thanks 2 give the hat back. What is wrong with those chicks that stole his hat. Pushin Justin mum over! What! He is just a normal person that should be treated with good respect. Im glad I am not the person that stole his hat cos it is still theft. Boyy!!!

  • perturbed said on 2010-04-28 @ 19:07 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Those girls were big bullies when they pinched a hat from a younger smaller person (regardless of how cute Justin Bieber is). Our schools need to develop better anti-bullying and anti-harassment programmes so that teenagers learn that it's not OK to be a bully.