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The Earths titanic forces can rip apart the land, homes and people's lives. MEGA DISASTERS exposes their killer characteristics, using archive footage, computer animation, eye witness reports and expert interviews to explain what causes them and why they can be so devastating. These disasters may seem extreme, but this four-part series goes one step further, imagining the catastrophic event that would occur if all the elements combine to create a Mega Disaster.

Volcanoes are one of nature's most powerful forces. We investigate the Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. St Helens eruptions then explore the possibility of a blast so powerful it will change the Earth, and with it, the course of human civilisation.

Massive, unstoppable and deadly, these giant waves unleash their destructive energy on coasts thousands of miles from their source.  From events in Japan, Alaska and Hawaii to the utter destruction of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, we investigate this devastating natural force. Then we generate a mega disaster scenario that will not just rewrite the history books it will erase them.

In 1997, the residents of Jarrell, Texas, were hit by a massive tornado that ground their buildings to dust. We learn more about the twisters of Tornado Alley, then reveal what would happen if an F5 tornado struck at the heart of a major US city.

Earthquakes strike without warning and cause immense destruction. We investigate this unseen force then envisage a 9.5 mega-quake tearing Chile apart and spawning giant waves that would devastate the entire Pacific Rim

Duration: 202mins (approx.) - 2 Discs
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