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Zoo Babies

Two years in the making, this is a heart-warming look at pregnancy, birth and infancy at Auckland Zoo, through the eyes of the animals and their keepers. They're precious, well-planned and very cute. Auckland Zoos newest babies - baby Lions, Rhinoceros, Orangutans, Siamangs, Pink Flamingos, Red Pandas, Tuatara and Cotton Top Tamarins, star in ZOO BABIES. Due to popular demand, ZOO BABIES has been re-released on DVD. Zoo Babies - fascinating, moving stories for all ages.

Twin Siamangs are rare, normally they only give birth to one, so two was a surprise to the keepers. This is the remarkable story of Baby Iwani, rejected by his mother at six weeks old and of Christine Tintinger, a senior primate keeper who becomes his mother, hand-raising him for a year. Every day their bond grows stronger, until eventually the day arrives that Christine has been dreading .... she has to give Iwani back to his parents.

Zoned to play worldwide, PAL & NTSC multi-standard

Special Features: TVNZ captioning for the hearing impaired

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