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Praise Be CD

It is with much pleasure that I endorse the release of this first ever "Praise Be" CD, celebrating the programme's 25th birthday.    It contains 30 tracks carefully chosen to best represent the outstanding choral standards in New Zealand and the broad styles of Christian music that "Praise Be" has recorded over the years, for all seasons of the liturgical year.

In the last quarter century, an estimated 47 thousand people have sung on the programme "Praise Be".  The series continues to travel around the country today, recording choral groups and ecumenical congregation singing,  for packaging into half hour programmes watched on TV ONE by an average weekly audience of 70 thousand people

Enjoy this CD which begins with a locally written piece incorporating "God Defend New Zealand" in counterpoint, a selection of Christmas Carols, a mixture of top adult choirs, youth choirs and congregations, some Lenten and Easter hymns ending with an uplifting Salvation Army farewell song.

Ron Pledger

Special Features:  Includes a booklet with the words for each track.

This CD will also be available at all CD stores