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About Druglords

Druglords is a ground-breaking true-crime series that takes you inside the secret world of the NSW Police drug squad as they bring down Australia's biggest drugs lords. With unprecedented access to confidential police files this series will break every pre-conceived idea you might have about drug lords - they don't all live in the underworld, they live in our world. Drug lords can come from good families; some are house-hold names, national heroes; others are nameless villains peddling death and drugs to our most vulnerable. But no matter who they are the police are always watching, waiting to strike.

For the first time ever, you will see the actual police footage filmed by the detectives who ran the investigations - some of the cases ran for months; others were years in the making, and just how the officers trap their targets will amaze you. You will see undercover detectives doing drug deals with crime lords and witness listening device recordings and phone-tapped conversations never before released to the public. Be a fly-on-the-wall as police undertake covert surveillance and rig-up hidden cameras inside ordinary suburban homes and hotel rooms. How they use informants to trap the biggest kingpins of all will leave you breathless. Druglords will take you inside a world where dirty cash and drugs change hands every day and drug barons live like millionaires.

Each episode will profile one or two major investigations involving drug lords and drug syndicates. You will see criminal underlings strap cocaine to their bodies and big-time bosses peddling everything from ecstasy and ice to PMA but no matter what their drug of choice or who they sell it to they are all brought to justice.

Be there every step of the way. See how they fall.