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Do or Die

Sundays at 6.25am | TV ONE

About Do Or Die

Do Or Die on TV ONE

About Do Or Die

Do or Die is a ground-breaking new television series, following Kiwi families determined to change their unhealthy lifestyle habits. 

With the help of a team of highly skilled experts, ordinary families are given the chance to turn back the clock and live healthier, happier lives - for good.

Each week, one family struggling with weight issues will embark on an twelve week programme, in an effort to transform their lifestyles. Not only are these families tired of being overweight, but their overall health is at serious risk from associated conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  If they don't act now, their deeply ingrained habits and associated health problems could become fatal.

Do or Die gives real solutions to very real problems. Local experts are brought in to tackle lifestyle problems, using breakthrough nutrition and exercise programmes.

In an innovative move, the show will also address weight from a psychological point of view.  Each family must identify the issues prompting them to live this way, and most importantly, work to confront and overcome them. 

At the end of the eight weeks, medical tests will be undertaken, and we will discover just how far these families have gone to repair their health.

For these families, the journey will not be easy.  They have spent years developing harmful habits - fruit, vegetables and exercise have all gone out the window. 

Will these families be able to abandon the cigarettes?  Will they be able to rally their mates for a game of footy?  Will they finally dust off the pots and pans? Once and for all, will these families be able to turn around their health and wellbeing?