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Kat Rafferty (Played by Tai Berdinner-Blades)

Tai on her character Kat:

Kat is the second eldest in the family, but she kind of acts like she is the oldest. She takes responsibility. She is very much in control. She like to be in control all the time to varying degrees of success. She's a lawyer. She's very stylish great taste in clothes.

Tai on the similarities between her and her character.

I think because I was playing her all the time. I became more Kat than Tai most of the time so I feel like Ive taken on a lot of her qualities. I feel like I'm very organised at the moment, I always turn up to places on time. I also think we're both similar in the way we deal with grief. It's something we don't particularly like to talk about. But if it comes up it's quite emotional.