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Diplomatic Immunity


Mario Gaoa as Malepe Fa'auigaese

About Malepe Fa'auigaese

Malepe has given himself the name of DJ Ladykilla because, in his not very efficient mind, he thinks he is both a ladies man and a DJ.

Malepe is the son of a cousin of the King. He specialises in hanging out and looking cool - and getting parking tickets outside strip clubs, of course.

Malepe is thinking maybe he's too cool for New Zealand chicks as none of them want to sleep with him. He is, officially, the consulate's Cultural Affairs liaison.

Mario Gaoa as Malepe

Mario is best known for his work in the hit animated series bro'Town and has a comprehensive list of theatre credits to his name. His most recent and renowned theatre work was alongside co-star Dave Fane as part of the 'Naked Samoans' theatre group.

Mario also had a role in the 2005 New Zealand feature film Sione's Wedding. Other feature film credits include The Nightmare Man and Rapa Nui.

In addition to bro'Town, Mario has a series of smaller television roles to his name including Share the Dream, Hercules and Shortland Street.