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Top 10 Desperate Housewives passions that went awry

Susan and Jackson on Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives is full of lust and passion - but not all of their relationships and liaisons turn out well. Check out our list of the top 10 passions that went awry below...

1. Gabby's affair with John Rowlands, her gardener. There was something to please both the sexes in this sordid story of lust - as both Gabrielle and John spent a great deal of time parading around in their underwear!

2. Gabby's marriage to Fairview's mayor, Victor Lang, who turned out to be a baddy that everyone loved to hate.

3. Susan's fling with her ex-husband Karl, while he was still dating Edie ... then when Susan and Edie went out drinking, Susan was so paranoid Edie was going to find out that she got hideously drunk and attacked a waitress!

4. Carlos and Edie's short-lived disfunctional relationship, which Edie blackmailed Carlos into continuing for longer, after discovering he had hidden off-shore bank accounts.

5. Bree's ill-fated marriage to Orson, which was fairly creepy to begin with, and began to unravel when she found out he was the one who tried to kill Mike.

6. Julie's relationship with Lloyd, a man old enough to be her father!

7. Lynette and Tom's son Porter's scandalous relationship with a much older woman, Anne Schilling.

8. Susan's relationship with her painter, Jackson Braddock, which was never going to last, because everyone knew she was really still in love with Mike.

9. Edie's marriage to Dave Williams .... oh dear, poor Edie - unlucky in love so many times, but this one ultimately led to her demise, as she tried to flee crazy Dave.

10. Mike's relationship with Katherine ... he realised he loved Susan more, so that was the end of that relationship ... not that Katherine is willing to lie down and admit defeat!