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Fingerprints on rifle made by David Bain

Published: 6:56PM Thursday April 23, 2009 Source: ONE News

A police fingerprint expert has told the Bain retrial that the prints found on the murder weapon belonged to the accused.

David Bain is charged with killing five members of his family in Dunedin in 1994.

Kim Jones, a police fingerprint technician, told the court the position of the fingerprints on the rifle matched David Bain's.

"They were sharp, sir, very definitive and fine. No doubt whatsoever made by the same person, namely the accused."

There is no dispute David Bain owned the rifle and his fingerprints were likely to be on it. The defence claim they got there months earlier when he was shooting rabbits. Jones says they were recent.

"These fingerprints have been placed with such pressure on the firearm in question here, they were so defined, so clear it could leave me in no doubt whatsoever they were of recent origin."

The rifle was found lying beside Robin Bain, David's father. The witness says it was covered in what appeared to be blood. He was also asked how the prints were made.

"The hand was slapped over the rifle...with considerable force and pushed in a downward motion," Jones replied.

He says the rifle was gripped tightly and the prints could not be made by simply picking it up.

There was also more evidence about Robin Bain's background, witnesses describing him as a gentle, kind teacher.

"Whatever he was doing with the kids come first and the paperwork would be second," said Carol Maxwell, a work colleague.

But they talked about his scruffy clothes and lifestyle.

"Well we sort of gathered that he was showering about Sunday or Monday. By Wednesday and Thursday he was getting quite squiffy," said Dorothy Duthie of Taeiri school.

She also told the court he shied away from shooting a possum caught at the school.

"I put the pellet in the rifle and handed it to him. He put his hands down by his side and stepped back."

The defence claim Robin Bain was the murderer and was suffering from depression.

"I'm not aware of any mental deterioration," William Christie, a friend said.

But they all agreed Robin Bain had been very proud of his children.