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Dare To Win

Dare to Win

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Season finale. Can Mary's team wrestle rubber into art? Will Brooke complete the circuit in time and can the flatmates master the music?

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About the show

Dare To Win is a new local family show hosted by Dominic Bowden. Families, flatmates, colleagues, or club members accept challenges to learn new skills with the chance of winning major prizes for themselves and each of their group.

Each group is visited by Dom who presents them with a list of prizes to choose from, and tells them the nature of the challenge. It could be physical or mental - but not bug eating or anything like fear factor. A member of the family or group is chosen to learn the task, sometimes even the whole group have to learn it - and accomplish it in front of a LIVE audience.  

An expert is there to teach the person or group the challenge, but after that they have just one week master the task.  For that week the show follows their progress, catching the special moments of the learning process on cam diaries.  

Seven days later, the big moment occurs where the group is brought in to the studio and in front of a live audience they have their chance to win the fabulous prizes they've chosen.