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Cutting It

Series 1 Episode Guides

Episode one
Ambitious Allie Henshall is looking forward to winning the Manchester heat of the National Hairdressing Championships and opening a second salon. Her husband and business partner Gavin Ferraday has other ideas; he thinks it's time they had a baby.

When rival salon Blade Runner opens right across the road from Henshall Ferraday,
all their plans are thrown into chaos. The owner turns out to be beautiful and unscrupulous Mia, and she's ready to play dirty. Worse still, she's married to Finn Bevan, an old flame of Allie's. And it's no coincidence that he's turned up on Allie's doorstep&

Episode two
Mia is doing her best to win over Henshall Ferraday's business. Clients are defecting across the road with alarming speed. Eugene, Henshall Ferraday's accountant, works out that the salon database has been accessed, and Blade Runner leaflets sent to every one of Gavin and Allie's clients. It's an inside job, so who's the mole?

Meanwhile Mia and Allie go head-to-head competing to style a celebrity photo shoot. Mia's cunning tactics are no match for Allie's talent until Finn sticks his oar in at the star-studded opening night of his new bar Byzantium. When he tells Allie he's secured the contract for her and that he'll divorce Mia if she just says the word, Allie throws it back in his face.

Episode three
Late at night, Allie is with Finn at Byzantium. He moves towards her and we cut to& The next morning, and Henshall Ferraday are styling hair and make-up for a wedding.

Mia turns up to do the bride and her mother, and the Bevans get to witness Allie and Gavin behaving like a honeymooning couple. Finn has a successful day, notching
up Allie's sisters Darcey and Sydney. Has he now had all three?

Guest of honour D.C.Washington has come from America to sing his one-hit-wonder of the 70s. When the sisters' mum, Brawdie, sets eyes on Deecey, family secrets start to tumble out. It seems that Deecey's passing resemblance to Darcey is more than just coincidence.

Episode four
Gavin's world is shaken to the core when he finds out the extraordinary secret behind Ruby's misbehaviour. Shane's debts force him to resort to desperate measures, and as a result Finn is put in a compromising position.

Sydney and Darcey's attempt to retrieve a missing bracelet lead to revelations about Allie and Finn. Mia reveals her true feelings about Allie. The Henshall Ferraday mole is revealed.

Episode five
Gavin drags down-in-the-dumps Eugene and Tom to a 'Secrets of Success' seminar, but gets a shock when the guest speaker turns out to be Finn. Will Gavin keep his cool when faced with his rival?

Mia gatecrashes Allie's hairdressing tutorial but is humiliated when she finds Finn's ex-wife running it. Allie finally realises how much she loves Gavin, but is she too late?

Episode six
Allie is shaken when she receives a mysterious phone call. With Gavin apparently off the scene, Finn abducts Allie in a final attempt to win her back.

Allie and Mia go head to head in the competition - but after Finn gets involved, both women are left feeling cheated. When Gavin returns, it's time for Allie to chose between him and Finn. A rendezvous with Ruby makes things all the more complicated.