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Cutting It

Interview with Angela Griffin

Calculating and manipulative, Darcey Henshall turns into the beautician from hell.

With her roving eye fixed on one man this year, Darcey pulls every trick in the book to snare him, regardless of whom she tramples on along the way.

"Darcey's a lot more calculating and manipulative now, she's a bit of a bunny boiler! says Angela Griffin. "On the surface she appears to be a terrible person but, deep down, she doesn't know how to play a straight game," adds the popular, 26-year-old actress.

"In episode two you see my first proper sex scene. I did have one in 'Babyfather', but you didn't really get to see that much," she continues. "The guy I'm doing the scene with made me feel really comfortable, because he'd done stuff like that before and I hadn't really," says the Leeds-born actress.

Although the scenes were shot "artistically, without a boob in sight", Angela appears anxious about the reaction she will receive from mum, Sheila, and boyfriend, Jason (Milligan).

"I really don't want my boyfriend or my mum watching it," she says with a look of horror on her face. "In fact, I dont want anyone who knows me to watch me reaching a
climax on television! Jason will have to leave the room and I will call him back in when the scene is over!" she says, embarrassed.

Angela has been filming practically non-stop for the past 12 months and was desperate for a break away. "I've got six weeks off now, then I will be working for about another year without another break!" says the National Television Award-winning actress.

"I've never had to work so hard as I have in the past year. Coronation Street was
much easier. Last year, I formed a production company Baby Voice Productions with Lisa Faulkner and Nicola Stephenson. The three of us really want to work together again and this is an opportunity for us to do that, and to exert some control over what we do. The thing is, being an actor, you're a pawn. One minute you're flavour of the month, the next you're not."

The three actresses, who have been close friends since their appearance in Holby City, have just been on holiday together to Tobago. "It was really brilliant; the restaurants, food, people, everything was great, one week just wasn't long enough."

Griffin says she was bowled over by the success of the first series of Cutting It.

"People genuinely loved it and are still talking about it now, even though it was on nearly a year ago for only six weeks. I'm so proud! I've never been in a series like it before. When I was in Corrie and Holby, people automatically seemed to like it. But Cutting It was fresh, it had never been seen on the telly before and the response to it was amazing.
"The press attention on Cutting It was also huge, partly to do with Amanda, but also partly to do with the popularity of the first series. Last year we could go out in Manchester and nobody really knew who we were as such because there wasn't a passion for the programme. But we lost a lot of our privacy this year so we stayed in."