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Bobby Cannavale: Interview

by's Kate Marshall

Cupid is back.

Ten years after its original incarnation, the Rob Thomas-helmed show (he's the man behind Veronica Mars) returns to TV. 

So what's the difference this time around? 

The answer - not much: Having been sent down from Mount Olympus by Zeus, Cupid (aka Trevor Hale, played by Bobby Cannavale of Third Watch and Will and Grace fame) is still expected to bring 100 couples together so he can make it back to Olympus - all while psychologist Dr Claire Allen (Sarah Paulson - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) tries to work out whether he's insane - or if he really is the love god he claims to be. 

Being cast in a headlining role is an exciting step for Cannavale, and he's having a ball: "It's a guy claiming to be the god of love who likes hanging out with crazy people," he laughs.  Enough said. 

Cannavale loves the fact that traditionally, Cupid is portrayed as a child and never an adult. In this show, Cupid/Trevor is a Peter Pan-like character, but in a grown-up's body, running amok (well, kind of) in one of the world's greatest cities, the Big Apple.  

In portraying the character, Cannavale likes to think  how he would feel if he were a child and all of a sudden he was living in New York City and he was in a man's body for the first time ever.  He knows he'd have a lot of fun with it for sure.

Cannavale likes the idea of stepping out of his comfort zone, and sees this reflected in Trevor's philosophy about love:  "Trevor's idea that that's what love is, you know, doing something you wouldn't necessarily do or want to do because it scares you."

Being cast as the world's greatest matchmaker hasn't had an effect on Cannavale's own love life, so far. A self-confessed sentimental romantic, he says he's just going to wait and see if his new role opens up any real romantic possibilities.  He does insist however that he's not played matchmaker for his mates in real life.

Having grown up in Hoboken, New Jersey, Cannavale has always had a love of New York City -  rubbing shoulders with seven million people all day long -  on paper it shouldn't really work but it does, and this is what he finds fascinating. 

He loves being so close to such a huge number of people and knowing that anything could happen - that he can make a connection (he walks everywhere) with somebody every day, and even if it starts negatively, it can end up well. 

The fact he's a big observer means he gains a lot of his ideas for his characters just from wandering around. 

100 love connections in a city of seven million people - it may not seem a big ask, but then the path to true love never runs smoothly!