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*Warning: This article contains adult themes*  

This is love without labels, the stories are raw, truthful and in some cases real...

In the words of producer Russell T. Davies (Queer As Folk) the trilogy celebrates "fifty shades of gay".

Cucumber, Banana and Tofu are interconnected shows that follow the colourful lives of members of the LGBT community living and loving in the 21st century. 

Cucumber and Banana - both dramas, explore love, heartbreak and sex. Tofu, a documentary series exposes the realities of sexual experience and sexuality.

A true one-of-a-kind series of shows, each part of the trilogy crosses over strengthening and bonding story lines... Cucumber and Banana are interlocked with story line and various characters feature in both. The documentary series Tofu touches on the themes brought up in the two dramas and also feature stars from Cucumber and Tofu.


What are they about?

Cucumber: This eight-part drama is centered around 46-year-old Henry Best following 'the worst date night in history'. A stale relationship, threesomes and a death - equal drama aplenty. 


Banana: Interlinked unique stories covering the varied aspects of LGBT life. A truly dynamic look at gay culture - where technology plays a big part in 'hooking up'. Young love, rejection and acceptance are at the core of this heartfelt series. 


Tofu:  A real-life look into modern sex and sexuality. This documentary series features candid discussions with members of the public as well as cast members from both Cucumber and Banana. The themes from both dramas are also explored offering real insight when watching the trilogy in succession.



What order should I watch the shows in?

As a guide we suggest watching Cucumber episode 1, followed by Banana episode 1 and so-on. 

Tofu is a documentary series that touches on the themes of the two dramas and can be viewed alone or as supplementary to the story line of both Cucumber and Banana.