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Producer's Diary - summer 2015-16

Producer's Diary summer 2015-16

Summer is when most farmers are at their busiest, but it's also all go at Hyundai Country Calendar we've never visited so many farms in such a short time.


We're stepping up to 40 new episodes this season, instead of the previous 30, so we're having an intensive time with our crews on the road, making the most of the summer weather and shooting while there's plenty of activity.


And autumn will be the same, often with several crews out at the same time in different parts of the country.


We're kicking the 2016 season off in style with a special hour-long show in which we revisit people we've filmed in the past, to see how they're getting on, what's changed and what hasn't changed.


We've uncovered some wonderful footage from the early years, but rather than making a highlights reel looking at great moments from the past, the programme will mainly look at the here and now, although with an eye to history.


Hyundai Country Calendar turns 50 in March and one of the great things about a show with such a long history is that we've got a fantastic resource of old footage to draw on. And we're going to do more of that this season not just in the hour-long Special, but in a number of stories through the series.


As always, we have some inspiring stories coming up that I'm confident our viewers will enjoy and as always, I'm still amazed at the variety of activity we find in rural New Zealand and the wonderful people behind these ventures.


We're coming to a screen near you on air and also on-line with TVNZ OnDemand very soon.