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Producer's Diary - April 2010

Julian O'Brien

Over the last few weeks, we've made the most of the lovely early autumn weather to do the bulk of our filming for the rest of this year's series.

Last month we had crews in all sorts of places, shooting a huge variety of activities. We had two crews in Northland, one filming horticulturalists who've helped set up a grower's market, the other shooting the story of a couple who've battled pests and weeds to create a stunning-looking property in the Hokianga area.

We also filmed on apple and kiwifruit orchards in mid-Canterbury and Bay of Plenty, at the Waikato regional finals of the Young Farmer of the Year competition and also at the Golden Shears competition, which has just held its 50th annual event. 

Speaking of which, we've just finished shooting new material for our own celebration of the 50th anniversary of the start of television broadcasts in New Zealand. We're now in our 45th year of production, which makes us easily the longest-running TV show in New Zealand - indeed one of the longest-running in the world - so it's nice to be part of the celebrations, which will be at the start of June.

It might seem odd to be shooting new material for a programme that will mainly look back at our contribution over past years - but we wanted to re-visit a few of the people we've filmed in the past, and find out what they're doing these days.

Now our big burst of filming is over, we don't mind too much what the April weather throws at us - for most of this month we're heavily involved in post-production for episodes that will go to air in the coming months.

Meanwhile the results of four shoots late we did last year will be on your TV screen this month. 

They're all great stories, in locations ranging from Central Otago to Samoa - I hope you enjoy watching.