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Hyundai Country Calendar


Hyundai Country Calendar will be back soon

Frank Torley presents Country Calendar - TV ONE

Hyundai Country Calendar will soon be back on air for 2014 on with a new series profiling rural New Zealanders.

The ratings-winning formula will remain the same, but this season will see a change in style – the show’s longest-serving member, Frank Torley, will narrate all the stories.

Producer Julian O’Brien says with last year’s decision to step up to 30 episodes, the series is now longer than it has been for many years.

“Because we’re on air for seven months, we decided having one narrator would make the programme more unified and consistent,” O’Brien says.  

“And as soon as we decided we wanted only one voice, it was easy to choose the person for the job.

“Frank has been involved with the show for over 40 years, so he’s very much ‘Mr Country Calendar’ and someone the audience will relate to.”

As always, the programme promises to take viewers up close to a wide variety of activities all over the country.

The first few episodes include a combined dairy and beef farm in the Bay of Islands, drag-net fishing in the Bay of Plenty and a mussel farm on Stewart Island.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing the return date for Country Calendar very soon!