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Episode 5 - The Power of Whanau

On the next episode, screening 16 April 2016 at 7pm on TV ONE:

The Power of Whanau

The Hadfield family were once considered too great a financial risk to qualify for a bank loan. But 15 years later they're the Maori Farmers of the Year and the owners of Mangaroa Station, a spectacular farm in Hawkes Bay.

Bart and Nuku Hadfield say they could not have achieved either without the support and 'blood, sweat, and tears' of their wider whanau.

'We could never have done it without each other,' says Bart Hadfield. 'We all had the same capabilities and we believed in each other.'

Nuku Hadfield says: 'If you have a dream, because it was a dream for all of us, pursue it. You know what? They can come true.'

The families of Nuku and Bart, her sister Marama, and her brothers Eugene and Ronald, shared the dream of all owning their own farms.

'We went to three trading banks and probably they didn't believe that we could do what we said we were going to do,' says Nuku, 'I don't hold it against them. They have criteria but they couldn't see the bigger picture.'

They eventually got a loan from Allied Farmers Finance in 2001 and the four families started leasing two farms, Mangaroa in the Ruakituri Valley and neighbouring Ruakaka Station in Tiniroto, Gisborne.

They did all the farm work themselves with no contractors and for the first six months they did not have a single day off. Each family lived on 400 dollars a week.

'A lot of people thought we were mad,' says Nuku. 'But we always knew we could do it. We'd worked with each other in shearing gangs so we had trust that we would be able to work together for the common goal of everyone being able to get their own farm.'

The Hadfields bought Mangaroa Station outright in 2008 and now farm it with their three children, Lee, Atawhai, and Ariana. All the families now have their own farms.

The Hadfields say winning the Ahuwhenua Trophy, the top Maori award for farming, in 2015 was the 'icing on the cake'.

'It wasn't just a win for us, but for our whole whanau, who put everything on the line and took the risk,' says Bart. 'The trophy is the oldest one in New Zealand with a lot of mana. To see it come onto our local marae was pretty bloody special.'

Nuku adds: 'It makes you realize anything's possible.'

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