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Episode 4: Find A Wife

picture by Helen Bankers, Australian Women's Weekly

April 2 at 7pm on TV ONE:

Find a Wife
Scott Macdonald loved living in the country and working on the family farm but there was one thing missing - a wife to share his life with.

During the day, 29-year-old Scott worked alongside his father and brother on their sheep and cattle farm near Minginui in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. At night he came home to an empty house and often felt lonely.

"I'd end up cooking dinner for myself and talking to myself," he says. "Something had to change."

Scott's best mate entered his friend in the Find a Farmer a Wife campaign, run by The Australian Women's Weekly New Zealand Edition.

Scott scrubbed up well for the photographs. He described himself as loyal and full of integrity and it didn't take long for the letters to roll in.

"I just happened to be at the gate when the parcel arrived from the magazine," said Scott's father Andrew.  "I've never seen a guy so visibly shaken."

"There were more than 200 letters from women wanting to meet me," Scott said.

After much sifting through the mail and finding out more about some of the contenders, Scott chose Vanessa Johnson, an aerobics instructor from Wellington.

The pair spent hours on the phone getting to know each other in the months before they finally met at Scott's farm in the tiny valley of Te Whaiti in the foothills of the Urewera National Park.

Vanessa was used to city challenges but "the nerves started to kick in" as she drove north and entered unfamiliar territory just out of Taupo.

Scott turned on an action-packed rural weekend including horse riding, hunting and fishing. "I knew I could fancy things up and make it look pretty, but I wanted to see what Vanessa was like in this environment, to see if she was comfortable living way out here." Scott said.

A rural romance was born and, shortly after the weekend, Vanessa packed up her old life in Wellington to try her hand in the country.

"As much as we didn't want to rush things and discuss the future before it needed to be discussed, in reality there wasn't any other way. Scott wasn't about to move to Wellington," she said.

The city slicker and the romantic country boy have forged a new life together - and Hyundai Country Calendar even had the privilege of attending their wedding.

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