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Cougar Town

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Cougar Town Quiz

1. How old is Jules' son? 

A 21
B 18
C 16

2. What's the name of Jules' ex-husband? 

A Bobby
B Robby
C Tommy

3. Where does Jules' unemployed ex-husband live?

A In a hotel
B In his boat
C At his mother's house

4. What is Jules' profession?

A A florist
B A real estate agent
C A teacher

5. Who is Travis

A Jules' son
B Grayson Ellis' cousin
C Josh's cousin

6. All of the episodes have been named after songs by?

A Tom Petty
B John Mellencamp
C Billy Joel

7. Who was the show created by?

A Marc Cherry
B Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel
C Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse 

8. Which character loves their coffee?

A Andy Torres
B Grayson Ellis
C Ellie Torres

9. Which Beyonce song is played in the second episode?

A Dangerously In love
B "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"
C Crazy In love

10. Where does the series takes place?

A At the fictional town of Cuthey Fields, Queens, New York   
B At the fictional town of Ravensbourne, Gallery Row, LA 
C At the fictional town of Gulf Haven in Sarasota County, Florida

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