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William Tarmey plays Jack Duckworth

William Tarmey plays Jack Duckworth on Coronation Street

William Tarmey (born William Cleworth-Piddington on 4 April 1941) plays Jack Duckworth on Coronation Street.

William was born in Ardwick, Manchester. His father was killed in World War II, after which his mother remarried, to a man named Robert Cleworth.

After leaving school, William was an apprentice for his stepfather, who was an asphalt spreader by trade. He also worked in the construction industry for a number of years.

In 1955, he met his future wife Alma in the local youth club. They went on to marry in 1962 and had two children together: Carl and Sara.

In 1968, William gave up his job in the building industry to work as a nightclub singer and entertainer.

In order to supplement his income, he took on work as an extra on shows such as Coronation Street, amongst others. Despite suffering a serious heart attack in 1976, he was eventually offered the role of Jack Duckworth.

William underwent bypass surgery in 1986, and had a pacemaker fitted after suffering a second heart attack in 2002, which was used as a storyline in Coronation Street to explain his absence.

The year 2009 marked his 30th anniversary on Coronation Street. William is the second-longest-serving male actor on the show.

First appearance on Coronation Street in the UK:
28 November 1979: Jack accompanied his wife Vera to Gail Potter and Brian Tilsley's wedding.