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Tyrone and Molly plan a wedding

Tyrone and Molly on Coronation Street

Having bought No. 9 from Jack when he planned to move to Blackpool with Vera, Molly and Tyrone are getting on with doing up the house and making plans. 

Vera's passed away and Paul's done a runner from the police, but Jack's like family to them and they're happy to have him around. Molly's wheeler-dealer Aunty Pam has become a bit of a feature as well, having been dumped by her fella.

The story

Jack's pleased by the care that Molly is taking of him; cooking him meals and keeping the house.  He tells Tyrone that he's got a great girl and Tyrone completely agrees.  When Molly tells Dev that she can't work late Dev questions what she has to rush off for - she's not even married.  As Molly complains to Tyrone, Jack tells him that Molly's hinting at marriage.

Tyrone decides to save for a ring, but Jack adamant that he takes Vera's ring, saying she would have been over the moon to see them engaged.

Molly's puzzled when Tyrone insists on taking her out for a posh meal, saying she'd rather spend the money on doing up the house.

Tyrone's nervous at the restaurant but is set to pop the question. However when a guy at a neighbouring table proposes to his girlfriend, accompanied by streamers and a band, Tyrone feels like he's been outdone and decides they should leave early.

Molly's buzzing about the couple in the restaurant and doesn't understand why Tyrone's so down on it. Tyrone gives Jack back the ring, but Aunty Pam refuses to let him give up.

Pam gives Tyrone a "Faberge" egg which opens to utter a recorded message. Tyrone records his proposal, pops the ring in and is ready go.

Waiting for Molly at The Rovers, Tyrone shows the egg to Kirk. When Molly arrives Tyrone goes down on one knee and opens the egg. Instead of his message, Molly hears Kirk's voice saying "where do you put the batteries?"

Mortified, Tyrone rushes out, and a bewildered Molly realises what's going on. She resolves to get things back on track.

Jack and Kirk are sent to find Tyrone and keep him occupied. Meanwhile Molly and Pam get busy; they decorate a burger van with fairy lights and set up a table and chairs in the street.

Jack and Kirk arrive with Tyrone, who agrees that the setting is perfect - far more them, than a fancy restaurant.

Tyrone again goes down on one knee and this time the egg asks "Will you marry me?"

Molly responds with an egg of her own which says "Of course I will you great nana!" 

The burger van stereo plays "When A Man Loves A Woman" and as the street applaud, the couple dance.

Dream wedding

Molly insists that she wants a small and affordable wedding; she doesn't want to start married life in debt and would rather spend the money on the house.

However Pam has other ideas. She tells Tyrone that every girl wants a fancy wedding, and that if he wants to pay for it he needs to speculate to accumulate.

Pam buys up a load of chutney from a defunct catering company, planning to sell it on at a profit. She inlists Mollys help in putting it into jars. Molly reluctantly helps out, but then realises with horror that she can't find her engagement ring. Fearing that the ring is in the pickle, Molly and Pam race to recover the jars they have already sold, but to no avail.

Molly confesses to Tyrone that she's  lost the ring, but Tyrone tells her that Jack saw it and put it aside for safe keeping.

Mollys relieved, but Tyrone has bad news - Kevin's had to cut his hours at the garage after the van was stolen.

Tyrone takes Molly to visit is rather unconventional and "free spirited" mother Jackie. Jackie's back from Spain and living at nice suburban house - looking after theabsent owners' cat.  Jackie takes a shine to Molly and promises that they will be great friends. However things soon change when they go to the local pub for lunch and are confronted by a man claiming that Jackie owes him 1,000 pounds.

Jackie claims that she borrowed the money to pay her water bill, and Molly convinces Tyrone to use their wedding money to bail her out. Jackie tells Molly that the money won't satisfy Brian - and tries to convince her to give the money her so she can make a fresh start.

They pay Brian his money, who laughs at the story about the water bill, telling them that she spent the money in Spain on a boob-job. Jackie's bitter that she didn't get the money and turns nasty about the wedding. Tyrone's upset that his Mum's let him down - again.

Jackie turns up on the street looking for Tyrone, but Pam tells her to sling her hook. Jack again offers Tyrone money, but he refuses to take it.

Tyrone looks for another job, but when Becky mentions a friend who used to volunteer for medical drug trials, Tyrone considers his options.


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