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Tony takes over

Gray O'Brien plays Tony Gordon on Coronation Street

Tony's a business man and he's not here to be liked.  He can be ruthless when he wants something, and charming when he has too.  He's taken on Roy Cropper over some bats   and now he's got Underworld in his sights.

Carla's still fuming from being jilted by Liam - for a second time. She wants Liam out and it seems Tony may make an apt substitute at work as well as at play - but is she unleashing a monster?

Carla tells Liam that he's going to sell his share of the business to Tony; otherwise she'll tell Maria all about their affair. Carla suspects that Rosie knows about the affair and let's her know that it's in her best interests to be a loyal employee.

Tony's surprised when Liam approaches him, and curious as to why he's changed his mind about selling. Liam convinces Tony that Carla's okay with it and he wants out. Tony decides to play it to his advantage and, with Carla's blessing, makes Liam a low offer. Liam knows he's being taken for a ride, but he's forced to accept.

Liam tells Maria he's decided to sell and pretends to be pleased with the deal. Maria's upset that he didn't consult her, and worries that he's sold up because of her dislike of Carla.

Liam breaks the news to the factory workers and Tony is quick to assert his authority. Carla's less than pleased however when Rosie spends the day making arrangements for Tony's other businesses, instead of work for Underworld.

Kevin also feels Tony's presence when he complains about tools from the garage being left outside the factory.

Expansion plans

Wanting to retire rich and early Tony plans to expand Underworld to include a distribution centre.

Tony arranges a meeting with Rita and Norris and puts in an offer on the Kabin. Norris turns him down, but Rita sees a chance to retire and accepts. Tony also makes an offer to Kevin, but is turned down flat.

War on the Websters

When Tony mentions the offer to Sally it's obvious that Kevin hasn't told her, but she's curious about the money on offer. Tony also turns to Rosie pumping her for information about the garage's profitability and Kevin's clients. Flattered by his attention Rosie agrees to gather information on the garage for Tony.  When Tony gives Rosie a raise Kevin is convinced that Tony's just trying to get to him.

When Lloyd tells Kevin that they've had a much cheaper offer for the contract to service the cabs Kevin suspects Tony is behind it. When dis covers the rival garage is owned by Tony's friend Jimmy, Kevin goes to confront Tony.

Tony meanwhile is turning his attention to the Webster women. When Rosie says she feels bad about getting him Kevin's client list Tony tells her that Kevin needs to be forced to move in order to grow.  Tony also piques Sally's interest asking her what she thought of the new premises he suggested and asking about Kevin's long term plan for financial security. 

Kevin's pleased when he gets a call out from a break down. As he looks at the woman's car her accomplice steals his van. Kevin's convinced that Tony is behind it and confronts him, but the police tell him to back off. Even worse is the news that the insurance company won't pay out because he'd left the keys in the van. Kevin is forced to cut back on Tyrone's hours.

House of Stone

Tony continues to build his empire, buying up a row of derelict houses; however one remaining tenant, Mr Stone is refusing to move. Tony visits the man and he has a heart attack. Tony calls an ambulance and then gets Jason and Tyrone to clear out the house, telling them that the tenant has moved to shelters accommodation, but Tyrone thinks it's strange that he's left so much behind.

Tony visits Mr Stone in hospital and with no other choice he has to accept Tony's offer on his house. Tony's got double cause to celebrate, his victory over Mr Stone, and the opening of the new Victoria Court flats.

A dispondent Kevin heads off on holiday, leaving Tyrone with little work to do at the garage.  Sally begins to think that Tony's got it in for her too, when he appoints Julie to take over from her while she's away.


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