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Thursday 26 December

Chesney takes his pain out on Owen. There's still no sign of Katy. An exhausted Chesney has been ringing her friends and hospitals all night so he's relieved when Izzy reveals she's heard from Katy and is going to meet her. Katy admits to Izzy that she's really missing Chesney and Joseph but she's worried she's like their mum and can't cope. Will Izzy be able to convince her tome come home? Meanwhile Owen and Chesney clash over what's best for Joseph but when controlling Owen pushes him too far how will Chesney react?

Steve has an idea to oust Tracy. When Steve tells Tracy she'll have to pay half the mortgage she asks Peter for a job at the bookies. It's going well till she snaps at Beth and Peter admits he couldn't trust her with the customers. Witnessing her hatred of Beth, Steve is struck by an idea and asks Jason to take out the partition wall at no.13. What is he up to?

Carla has a run in with Simon at school. Carla's secretly drinking when Peter arrives at the factory and asks her to pick up Simon from school. She hesitantly agrees but when Simon refuses to go with her she's forced to grab him and frogmarch him from the school gates. Witnessing the incident will Brian take action?

Elsewhere... Tommy's spent the night with Jodie but as he brags to Jason a hurt Tina walks in. Will she reveal her true feelings to Tommy as Jodie tries to track down her man? Jealous Kirsty gives Tyrone a grilling about his part in last night's antics. Peter refuses to pay out on Karl's unstamped betting slip. Kylie finds an unusual ally in Lewis when Brian has a go at her over the contents of Max's lunchbox. Impressed by his banter she asks Audrey why she won't take Lewis back.


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