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'Ta-ra' Becky

Weddings, love affairs, fights and plenty of shouting! Becky McDonald (nee Granger) bought plenty of big moments in her six years on Coronation Street. It’s time to say ‘ta ra’ to Becky, but not before we look back at some of her best moments.


Becky arrived in Weatherfield in 2006. She was an old friend of Kelly Crabtree. She wasted no time causing trouble, framing Kelly when she stole from Underworld.


Becky came to form a close bond with Roy and Hayley, who were always on hand to provide a voice of reason and help Becky through her various dramas… Their friendship was tested when her old friend ‘Slug’ turned up in Weatherfield and led Becky astray.



Becky wasn’t afraid of a scrap or two, with many Weatherfield residents on the receiving end of Becky’s harsh tongue or right hook!


In 2008, she became the 50th Rovers barmaid in the show's history.


Becky had flings with a number of men during her time on the Street, including Jason Grimshaw...


... but it was her relationship and marriage to Steve McDonald that would become her biggest love story.  Their first attempt to get married ended in disaster when Becky was too drunk to finish the ceremony. They managed to get to 'I do' the second time around, only for Becky to be arrested at their wedding reception (because a recently-returned Slug had planted drugs on her).


Steve and Becky longed to have children of their own, but after suffering two miscarriages she found out she couldn't have children. When Becky's sister Kylie turned up with her son Max, Becky and Steve got attached to him and eventually agreed to 'buy' Max from Kylie for £20,000. Their happiness was short-lived however, as Kylie returned on the night of the tram crash demanding more money. Becky stole money from the ruins of Dev's shop to give to her.  This move, coupled with the return of a certain Ms Barlow, signalled the beginning of the end for Becky and Steve.


The last year saw Becky and Tracy go to war over Steve. Tracy thought she'd won when she lost her unborn babies and lied to everyone that it was because Becky had pushed her down the stairs.  But Becky was able to clear her name by getting hold of Tracy's medical records and delivering the truth to Steve at his wedding reception.  Then it was time for Becky to bid farewell to Weatherfield, jetting off for a new life with her new man Danny in Barbados.


Ta-ra Becky! Corrie won't be the same without you!