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Sean and Marcus split

Sean and Marcus have been dating for sometime; but Sean's flightiness and possessive streak have sometimes been an issue for the laid back Marcus.

The couple first met when Marcus (a stenographer) did the scan for Violet Wilson's baby - which was fathered by Sean. But there were tensions when Sean tricked Marcus into revealing the sex of the baby against Violet's wishes. As the friendship between Sean and Violet became more and more strained, Marcus was often caught in the middle.

When Violet and boyfriend Jamie Baldwin did a runner with baby Dylan, Sean was devastated and Marcus was left to pick up the pieces. Sean's friendship with Violet's sister Lauren also riled Marcus, as he saw Lauren as the manipulative user that she was.

The bust up

The pair decided to move in together to cut costs while Marcus retrained. However Sean got fired from Underworld, they lost the flat and were forced to both stay at Eileen's.

Sean's vanity led Marcus to consider specialising as a botox practitioner, and he went to London for an interview.

While there he was spotted by Eileen's son Todd, in a bar looking rather close to another man. When this was reported back to Sean he became jealous and convinced that Marcus had cheated on him with his ex.

On return, Marcus finds himself getting the cold shoulder from Sean, who has turned his attention to flirting with Liam's business partner and cousin Tom.

Drinking late at the Rovers Tom invites Sean, Kelly, Jason and Becky back to Liams to continue the party. Sean makes an attempt to kiss Tom, who politely rebuffs him.

Marcus again tries to talk to Sean, but when Maria mentions something about Sean and Tom, Marcus snaps and punches Tom. Marcus storms off and packs his bags. He tells Sean that without trust they have nothing, and he's leaving.