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Q&A with Coro's Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson plays Ryan Connor on Coronation Street

Is Ryan happier now he's got a girlfriend?
Ben: Yeah he's doing alright at the minute. He deserves a bit of happiness and a bit of female companionship after a hard few years. He hasn't had much happiness recently with losing his Uncles Paul and then Liam, then finding out there'd been a mix-up at birth and Michelle isn't his biological mum. He deserves a bit of a reward and he does really like Sian.

Are you enjoying playing this new side to Ryan?
Ben: It's nice to be playing the happy side of Ryan, I've had loads of great stuff to do as an actor with all the coming to terms with death and the drama, but it's good to see Ryan getting a bit of happiness at last. Long may it continue.

So what's coming up for Ryan and Sian?
Ben: Well the storyline is a teen sex scenario, but the fact that Ryan's 17 and Sian 15 causes a bit of a problem.

Does Sian want to have underage sex?
Ben: Sian starts to feel pressured by the presence of a girl at Ryan's gigs, who lets just say gives the impression she has loose morals. She makes it pretty obvious that she's up for it and Sian knows it so although she doesn't feel ready to have sex with Ryan she tells him she is.

How does Ryan react?
Ben: Ryan knows she's not ready and because he's such a lovely guy he doesn't pressure her and they don't sleep together. So it ends up not being the teen sex storyline everyone was expecting. 

But there are still problems for Ryan aren't there?
Ben: Not everyone though thinks they haven't had sex. There's a misunderstanding with Sian's dad. He finds condoms in Sian's bag and thinks they're having sex and he's not happy. He finds Ryan on the street, grabs hold of him and threatens to batter him.

Are you enjoying the storyline?
Ben: It's great to be getting my teeth into something different and I love Ryan being in the band as it means I get to bring my guitar to work. The producer, Kim Crowther, saw me performing with my band and decided to write it into Ryan's character which is great.