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For the love of Liz

The path of true love never did run smooth, but for Vernon and Liz the road to the altar is a very rocky one.

The Story:

While Vernon is off practising his drumming Liz takes a delivery from brewery drayman Derek. The two share a drink and bemoan their respective partners.

When Vernon cancels on her, Liz and Derek opt for an evening together. But when both Vernon and Derek arrive, Liz quickly cancels Derek while the hapless Vernon remains unawares.

Rrefering to work, Steve tellsVernon to be more proactive. Vernon mistakes this for relationship advice. Liz is shocked when Vernon produces an engagement ring. She's even more surprised when she finds herself accepting his proposal.

Vernon's over-indulgent celebrations see him passing out drunk and standing-up Liz at their engagement dinner. Left alone, Liz calls Derek and the pair share an enjoyable evening. The evening heats up on the walk home, which ends with a passionate kiss.

As Vernon makes Wedding plans Liz lies about attending a brewery function and heads for a hotel rendezvous with Derek. Far from feeling guilty, Liz is enjoying juggling two lovers.

Deciding to check out the opposition, Liz and Deirdre visit a rival pub, where Derek's wife Linda is working.

The affair continues with Derek using his brother's flat as a love-nest and Vernon away on tour. The lovers get interrupted when Linda arrives unexpectedly at the flat. Liz makes an escape, hiding on the balcony in her underwear, but is spotted by Linda leaving the building. Narrow misses continue when both couple attend a brewery ball.

Guilt begins to set in when Linda confides in Liz that she suspects Derek of having an affair. Liz breaks things off with Derek and confesses to Linda. Vernon, however is still none the wiser.

Angered by Liz's disclosure, Derek decides it's time that Vernon knew, and fills him in, as a horrified Liz watches on. Vernon, who had been planning a romantic Paris get away, packs his bags and leaves.

Liz tries to win Vernon back, and agrees to give up smoking. Reconciling, they set a New Year's wedding date.

Jim's return

Steve gets a call from his Dad Jim saying he's going to be released from prison. Steve agrees to pick him up, but doesn't tell Liz. Steve tells Jim about Liz's wedding plans. Jim says he's pleased and reassures Steve that his trouble making days are behind him.

However Liz is less pleased when Jim shows up at the pub. Vernon asks Jim to leave. Liz is furious that Steve didn't tell her, and is unsettled by her ex's reappearance.

When Jim's clothes get stolen from the hostel Steve offers him a job at StreetCars as a valet, but worries about his mother's reaction. When Liz finds out she warns Jim against making any trouble and he assures her that's not his intent. Jim actually prevents trouble when he calmly handles some rowdy lads who are giving Liz trouble at the Rovers. Liz's attitude begins to thaw, but Vernon is starting to feel nervous.

While everything between Jim and Liz is above board, Vernon is unsettled by their shared history and Jim's nice-guy persona. Deirdre begins to compare Jim and Vernon and wonders if Vernon is the one for Liz.Steve lets it slip to Jim that Liz cheated on Vernon with Derek. Tiring of Jim's presence in the Rovers Vernon spurns Jim's offers of help.

Liz takes some time out the day before the wedding and accompanies Jim to the park with Amy. After sharing happy memories, Jim wishes her well. Touched, her kiss on the cheek lingers and Jim misreads the signals.

Wedding hitch

On the day of the wedding Liz struggles with her nerves. She confides in Deirdre that although things are over with Jim she misses the passion they had together; passion which Vernon lacks. Liz tells Deirdre to cancel the wedding.

Jim arrives and tells her that he loves her but Liz denies that there is anything between them. Vernon walks in and Jim attacks him. Steve pulls Jim off Vernon and Liz throws Jim out. Although beaten and bloodied Vernon refuses to give up the wedding. Liz is touched Vernon's display of nobility, and she agrees to marry him.

Steve is sent to stop Deirdre from sending everyone home. The guests are sent back in and told not to mention it to Vernon.

The wedding goes ahead and Vernon is delighted. Deirdre questions Liz's change of heart, Liz tells her she wants care and respect over passion.

Steve confronts Jim. He tells him it's best if he leaves and Jim agrees to go.

Lloyd arrives to take the newlyweds to the airport and expresses disappointment that he missed the wedding, after it was called off. Vernon is crushed to hear that Liz called the wedding off. Steve manages to talk Vernon round, saying it was just nerves and not because of Jim.

Mr and Mrs Tomlin finally head off on their honeymoon, with Vernon unaware that he was nearly jilted. Only upon their return, when Lloyd makes a comment about missing the wedding, does Vernon learn that Liz was having cold feet.